Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 13/12/2019

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Andrea Brandão Locatelli Advisor *

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Adelar João Pizetta External Examiner *
Ailton Pereira Morila Internal Examiner *
Andrea Brandão Locatelli Advisor *
Erineu Foerste External Examiner *

Summary: Understanding knowledge in its entirety is fundamental for us to situate ourselves in
the world, and consequently have the conditions to intervene in reality and transform
it, aiming to break dominant paradigms, in which knowledge is seen in a fragmented
way and as a means of colonization. the mind and practice, in a perspective of
unifying and validating only some knowledge. This research establishes a reflexive
walk aiming to characterize and understand the processes of integration of popular
and scientific knowledge in the field education from the experience of the Bley
Agricultural Family School (CEFFA Bley). Withdraw from the theoretical reflections of
Arroyo (1999), Foerste (2005), Freire (2014) and Santos (2010), as well as
productions from ENDIPE 2012, 2014 and 2016, from the Brazilian Journal of
Graduate Studies and from Graduate Program in Teaching in Basic Education
(PPGEEB). The school investigated offers the final years of elementary school, high
school integrated to the technical course in agriculture, being an alternating field
school, in which participant observations were made, study of the Institutional
Development Plan, the School's Pedagogical Political Proposal, and application of
questionnaires (students and monitors) and interviews (monitors). We identified from
the development of this research that there are several practices of integration of
knowledge in the researched school, made possible by the diversity of own
instruments that the pedagogy of alternation presents, aligned with the pedagogical
proposal of the field education, in which the teaching is based on the reality of the
students. subjects, making scientific knowledge contextualized with this reality. Thus,
we identified the deep relationship between theory and practice in the teaching and
learning processes caused by the school, listed by the monitors, students and even
the school curriculum, especially with the help of the Study and Project Plans of the
areas, instruments that guarantee the articulation between disciplinary knowledge, in
an interdisciplinary logic.

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