Name: Joelma Ribeiro de Oliveira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 19/09/2019

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Andrea Brandão Locatelli Advisor *

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Ailton Pereira Morila Internal Examiner *
Andrea Brandão Locatelli Advisor *
Damián Sánchez Sánchez External Examiner *

Summary: This study entitled Spatialities and Curriculum in the School of the Field in the County
of São Mateus/ES in the early grades of Elementary School will analyze The
Constitution of Spatiality, as well as its relation with the proposed Curriculum for the
Education of the Field in the County of São Mateus, seeking to understand its
singularities and contribution in the educational process, besides to describe how the
school space is occupied by social actors who use it, considering to know their
teaching and learning experiences. As a research reference, had to EPM “Nova
Vista” and the subjects who study and work there. The internal and external school
spaces are seen as places of experiences and learning that in their materiality, is
ingrained with signs, symbols and marks that elaborate knowledge. Spaces are
significant elements of the Field Education Curriculum. To develop this study it was
based on the Arroyo's theoretical contributions (1999, 2016), Frago and Escolano
(2001), Certeau (2005), Pizetta (1999), Caldart (2000, 2004, 2012), Freire (1987,
1996) , among others, who made it possible to probe the studied theme. The
construction of the data gave up from place from analysis matrix creation, and soon
began to dialogue with the school subjects about a proposal of a semi-structured
questionnaire and thematic drawings made by the students. Based on the results,
were analyze the management team conceptions, teachers and students of how the
Curriculum is applied (Plafec) and how subjects occupy school spaces. It indicated
the ways to do the daily management team, teachers and students of EPM “Nova
Vista” in Field Education. Although there is a lack of understanding by the subjects
involved in the research about the importance of using the internal and external
spaces of the school and outside it as places of learning.
Keywords: Spatialities. Curriculum. Subjects. Field Education.

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