Name: Helemare do Amaral Motta Bueloni
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 08/03/2019

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Andrea Brandão Locatelli Advisor *

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Ailton Pereira Morila Internal Examiner *
Andrea Brandão Locatelli Advisor *
Damián Sánchez Sánchez External Examiner *

Summary: Intending to codify games, toys and children´s play produced by children who live in Countryside Educational Comunities of Barra Nova, in the city of São Mateus, North of Espírito Santo State. Aiming to bethink about the constitution of these ludic cultural manifestations that took place in several enviroments of interaction as well as to make available these practices in an institutional website to collaborate with the visibility and the affirmation of local culture. The metodology was built along the process and as the research manifest itslef with the ethnographic orientation and supported by Michel de Certeau´s every day learnings (2014), in the reflexions about games, chidren´s play and toys and in Gilles Brougère´s ludic culture concept (2002; 2010) and also in Walter Benjamin‟s perpectives about child, toy and Education(2009). It gathers, as the reserach goes, the games and children´s play exercised by groups and it shows how the relations happen among these elements and the influence of the local culture on them. Through the steps taken, we witnessed the children´s “know how to do” who used other elements at will such as imagination,
toys and every day objects used for their relatives as they throw themselves in the adventure of playing. Finding in the reserach elements of every day culture inserted in thoses games and plays the agreements, the tensions, joys and discoveries the took place in a constant and dynamic way in order to let the childhood be present in the streets. Realizing influences and references about the ways of creating the local practices that rely on elements of external life practices and on the country people´s work. Through the creation of a website, it perspectives the growth of a belonging feeling in the children and adults who integrate the Countryside Educational Comunities as well as the visibility of local practices.
Key words: Infancy. Childhood. Everyday. Play.

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