Name: Roberta Moratori
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/12/2020

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Ailton Pereira Morila Advisor *

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Ailton Pereira Morila Advisor *
Gessé Almeida Araújo External Examiner *
Leandro Gaffo External Examiner *
Andrea Brandão Locatelli Internal Examiner *

Summary: The presente work, by walking towards the senses in-of teacher formation, finds in waywardness the possibility of making sense through an unmolding praxis, specially the teachers in-of the arts. The unmolding while removing from the formwork calls senses in dialogic and collaborative artistic experimentation in the perspective of make a fiction of real, and seeks to bring functioning to the hyphen of teaching-learning, of theory-practice, of form-content, of the sensitive-intelligible, checking the movement in time-space necessary by getting to know, to be able to ignore. The principles of an
unmolding praxis are in the experience of intuiting, in the experiment of improvising, in the narration of remember, in the invent, in the experience, and in the poetically translation in attention that associates, dissociate, relate, in stripping, perseverance, work, estrangement, contradictions, showing, thinking, telling, doing. In between, there is a methodological approach for unmolding, the Fazer Tramático, a theatrical pedagogical praxis that is based on the experiences of the sensitive and extended to experiments in different artistic languages in collaborative creative processes. The fundamental yarns to weave the principles of the Fazer Tramático are Jacques Rancière, João-Francisco Duarte Júnior e Bertolt Brecht. In the investigation of the
measure and the mode of an unmolding teacher praxis two university extension courses were held. One for the students of Arts and their Technologies on the campus Paulo Freire of the Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia open to the community of teachers in-of arts of the city of Teixeira de Freitas and region, and the other to the students of the Pedagogy course on the campus São Mateus of the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo. Interpretative analysis of the records of both courses in transcripts and logbooks of participants, signal to the possibility of the unmolding while awakening to the action, for a permanent unmolding awareness, also indicate that the best time-space to start the process of unmolding is in the formation time, and the worst molding is in deep-seated beliefs and in alienation of the world of work.

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