Name: Felipe Rafael Kosloski
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 11/09/2020

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Regina Celia Mendes Senatore Advisor *

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Alice Melo Pessotti External Examiner *
Andrea Brandão Locatelli Internal Examiner *
Regina Celia Mendes Senatore Advisor *

Summary: The objective of the present study is to know, reflect and evidence the relationships arising from the contexts of violence in the family and how this is expressed in school and in public policies that the researched subject was and is being attended to.For the debate and reflection on the proposed questions about violence, we chose to choose the subject here called Eijey. An adolescent who attends the CMAEE“Deborah Maria Covre”, who refers to special education in the municipality of Pinheiros - ES and meets the demands of schools in the Municipal Network regarding specialized educational assistance against school shifts. Through the analysis of Eijey's trajectory in public policies, we analyzed the discourses originating from these places, the influences on the adolescent's trajectory, silencing, labels, absences and how the different professionals constructed their discourses under the subject.

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