Name: Poliana Domingos Mariano
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 15/05/2020

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Franklin Noel dos Santos Advisor *

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Andrea Brandão Locatelli Internal Examiner *
Diógina Barata External Examiner *
Franklin Noel dos Santos Advisor *

Summary: Quality in teacher training is one of the steps to raise the quality of teaching in basic
education, especially for those who work in the initial stages. Discussions about the
initial training of these teachers are usually exposed in scientific and academic work,
as they are professionals with broad qualifications and several weaknesses that extend
even to the teaching of specific subjects in the early years of elementary school, such
as for example , Science. Considering the importance of Natural Sciences for the social
and scientific formation of children and the responsibility of the Pedagogy graduate in
promoting knowledge that enables children to develop these concepts, the present
research sought, in general, to investigate the formation in Natural Sciences for child
education and early years of elementary school in the Pedagogy course at UFES /
Campus São Mateus and, specifically, to analyze in this course the ways of inserting
the theme “Natural Sciences” in their pedagogical course project; to verify how the
process of teaching and learning in Natural Sciences of its graduates occurs and to
interpret the art of speech of these graduates about the presence of Natural Sciences
in their superior formation. Taking as a methodological approach, the research of a
qualitative nature of the ethnographic type, the data collection of this study was carried
out through three (3) ways: (1) documentary analysis: words that pointed to the
insertion of the Natural Sciences theme were sought pedagogical project for the
Pedagogy course at UFES / Campus São Mateus; (2) non-participant observation: the
researcher observed 24 classes in the discipline “Sciences: contents and their
teaching”, in 2018; (3) semi-structured interview: applied to students in the 8th period
of the Pedagogy course at UFES / Campus São Mateus, in two stages, in the second
semester of 2018, and in the first semester of 2019. The data from the semi-structured
interview were submitted to Hermeneutics and , in different sessions, interpreted and
discussed in the light of the trainees' speech fragments. These results reaffirmed the
researcher's observations during the classes of the discipline “Sciences: contents and
their teaching” and reinforced the data obtained in the analysis of the PPC of the
Pedagogy course. In summary, the results revealed, above all, an elementary
participation of Natural Sciences in the PPC of the Pedagogy course, and an evident
insertion of this theme only in the discipline “Sciences: contents and their teaching”,
which even in an incipient way, followed its menu and BNCC e, provided the trainees
with knowledge about the usual contents of Natural Sciences and some of their
pedagogical proposals. In addition, the consequences of the departmentalization
process in this institution of higher education were also evident, which made it
impossible for teachers from the fields of physics, chemistry and / or biology to work
together to train graduates in Natural Sciences. From this, it is discussed the
importance of treating this knowledge also in the other disciplines of the Pedagogy
course, as well as among the other undergraduate courses of this Campus and the
necessary reflection on the initial and continuing training in Pedagogy courses for
teaching of Natural Sciences.

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